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Merry Holidays

December 19 2008
This year�s Holiday window I wanted to keep light, everyone seems so grumpy and stressed out late...


December 18 2008


December 15 2008


Photos with Paul Ferraris

November 1 2008
Paul Ferraris is a great local photographer and teaches photography and digital design at City Ar...


November 1 2008


Go Have Fun- It’s Halloween Tonight!

October 31 2008
Long ago Halloween was a night of mystic significance. For Druids it marked the end of summer, wh...

Silly 80’s

October 19 2008
Saw this on Laughing Squid from Funny or Die. Dust films are rewording Pop songs so that they �li...

Fishing Buddies

October 5 2008
Maybe everyone has already seen this, not sure- But it is a neat little story of some fishing ...


September 27 2008
The other day Betet came in to borrow a wetsuit to go surf in front of the shop. Who is Betet? B...

Music in da Bay- This weekend!

September 16 2008
Something I'm looking forward to this weekend is the 2nd Treasure Island Music Festival- I've got...

And da winner of the"Do something nice for Ocean Beach” contest is-

September 16 2008
The winner of the the �Do something nice for Ocean Beach Contest is Rich Gillern whom wins a span...


September 10 2008
THE DRIFTER- Exclusive Aqua first look at the new surf film about Rob Machado by Taylor Steele. ...

Interview with Curt Myers

September 4 2008
I was walking by the Red Vic this morning to get a cup of coffee to get my mind in GO WORK mode ...

Aquaholics This Friday Night- Don’t miss it!

September 2 2008
Another clip from the movie to get you amped to come out to the premier this Friday night at ...

Da Pelican

August 27 2008
Spencer Holmquist keeps bringing in some great photos of our team riders. You can check out some ...

Sorry but this Shit just cracks me up-

August 22 2008
Fix Push da Movie! Thanks Element Mark for keying us in on this screen gem.

Aquaholics at the Red Vic

August 20 2008
AQUAHOLICS at the Red Vic Movie House, Playing Sept 5-8 Our good buddy Curt Myers and the talente...

Voodoo Vacation on Zombie Island!

August 18 2008
So Saturday night Brian (of Wavefest) and I were invited to venture down to San Diego for Tiki O...

Shea is Back!

August 13 2008
I was a little unsure if one of our team riders Shea Hodges was still on the team. Shea kind of ...

Is it True?

August 13 2008
Is it true? They have found the body of a dead male Bigfoot and caught an �Actual Chupacabra� on...

Another Aqua Fashion Show Down.

August 7 2008
We just got some images back from Colors of Eden, our fourth annual Fashion show and fundraiser f...


July 31 2008
The new SFBG Best of the Bay 2008 is out, and we are happy to be in it! Editor's Pick Outdoors a...


July 29 2008
Well it's about time- Welcome to Aqua's new website! After way too long- we have finally finis...

Do something nice for SFOB and you could win a new Matuse Wetsuit

July 24 2008
Ice Cream Headaches 83 duckdives in a row 45 minute paddle outs Weeks of nothing Scary bom...

The new 2009 Wetsuits have arrived!

July 21 2008
The new 2009 wetsuits have arrived to Aqua on Sloat. Spank’n new suits from Xcel- whom have won w...

Colors of Eden

July 16 2008
Colors of Eden - Our annual fashion show for Edgewood