The new SFBG Best of the Bay 2008 is out, and we are happy to be in it!
Editor's Pick Outdoors and Sports-
We're perhaps a little too, er, unbalanced to stand upright enough on a surfboard and guide it through the roiling waves, but that doesn't mean we're not suckers for hotties in wetsuits. Often you'll find us curled up with a cup of joe in the dunes of Ocean Beach or Pacifica (or, hell, southern Baja � we're enthusiasts!) appreciating fine-bodied curler-tamers from afar and merrily offering freshly laundered towels and the pitiful results of our amateur clambake to those who return from the breakers unbroken. But enough about us. This award goes to Aqua Surf Shop for not only outfitting our heroic tsunami-herders with affordable boards, suits, and accessories, but also taking the whole surfwear trend in charitable directions with glamorous fashion shows at 111 Minna that benefit the Edgewood Center for Families and Children and feature the work of several primo local stylists and music makers. With a new Haight Street location to complement its original Ocean Beach store, Aqua keeps growing and growing, proving that surfers really are the gift that keeps on giving.
2830 Sloat, SF. (415) 242 9283; 1742 Haight, SF. (415) 876-2782,

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Ben Andrew on Feb 4th- a very special day at Mavericks!

Another Aqua Fashion Show Down.


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