When Aleks and Devin decided to take over the reigns of Aqua Surf Shop (then Aquaholics) in 2000, their intention was to create a core shop that catered to all levels of the San Francisco surf community. For over 14 years they were proud to cater to the south end of the beach (and beyond) in providing all types of gear to denizens of the sea. Aqua hosted countless frigid and foggy back lot bbq’s, movie nights, surf swaps, art shows, benefits, skate jamz and board demos - and loved every one.

Continued growth of San Francisco and its beach community forced Aqua to close their old beloved shop on Sloat and open a new home on Judah. In a short amount of time, the staff and friends quickly renovated the space, PNUT threw up a mural on the wall, and officially opened for business in March, 2015.

Aqua continues to carry some of the most trusted brands in the business, and are always open and encouraging to local shapers/brands if their gear is quality. If you are looking for a new suit, board, or accessories, the combined knowledge of the staff will do their best to accommodate, and will work around your budget.

Aqua prides itself on its no-pressure sales staff, and intend for our customers to get the best gear suited for their needs - whether or not they make the sale. Recent Yelp reviews attest to this, and they couldn’t be more proud.

“I rolled into Aqua ready to buy a used longboard if the price was right. And Aleks could've sold me one. But instead, he asked some simple questions about where I was with surfing and what my goals were. He quickly deduced that I should instead consider a hybrid and start getting used to something a little shorter and more manageable. There was zero pressure to buy; quite the contrary, he knew I'd have to go home and think about it. Aleks knew I wouldn't walk out of there with a board that day; his main objective was to help a new surfer make the right decision. I took his advice. I'll likely buy my next board at Aqua. They've won my trust and my business.”

“Aqua is definitely my favorite [surf shop]. Super laid back vibe and extremely friendly staff. I just felt at home when I was there...sounds totally cheesy but it really is an island of warmth in foggy San Francisco. I felt really inspired to go surfing after I left there. I highly recommend this place. Friendly, great and knowledgeable staff with a cool vibe. What a surf shop should be.”

Thanks for your continued support. Aloha!