AQUA is now offering surf lessons with Scott Wagner!

"Aloha!! I was born and raised in Hilo on the east side of the Big Island of Hawai'i. I’ve been surfing for 28 years, with a few of those years spent surfing professionally. I'm absolutely stoked for teaching people how to surf, how to read the water, and how to navigate safely in the ocean!"


Students will learn:

  • WATER SAFETY, which includes how to identify the drift and rip currents as well as how to navigate safely through each environment.
  • BOARD SAFETY, or how to handle their boards in the water to keep themselves and others safe. Proper maintenance of equipment will also be observed.
  • ROUTINE DEVELOPMENT that outlines watching the waves for 10-15 minutes minimum, determining how big the set waves are, how often they're coming in, how long the break is between them, and how they are breaking.
  • OCEAN APPRECIATION by way of stewardship, the instilling of which is vital to experience the ocean with future generations. Sharing the stoke of surfing, appreciation for the source of our happiness, and promoting harmony with our environment is paramount.



Single student, single day: $150
Second day or second person added: $135 (10% off)
Third day or third person: $120 (20% off)



Contact Scotty on Instagram or call the shop for more info:
(415) 242-9283