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 An interview with Eddie and Tim of MeWater foundation. Happiness!  Whether you volunteer with MeWater foundation (which by the way please do), or merely just glance at the pictures and video of the people involved below, you can't help but take in the pure happiness that transpires at MeWater events! This smile says it all. Junior legend Anthony. Miramar Beach, 7/2016 No matter what is going on in our lives or in the world, when we are in the ocean we are suddenly free from all that worries us on land.  This is because as land-based creatures, being out of our element kicks in a deep instinctual response that makes us focus on immediate well-being as a primitive survival instinct....

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Interview with Mr. Kidman by Kevin Alper.

ANDREW KIDMAN is one of the most influential surf artists you may have never heard of. His work reveals a lifelong dedication to the ocean and surfing, and he has been described in Matt Warshaw’s The Encyclopedia of Surfing as somewhat of a wandering surf mystic.  Andrew’s work includes Films such as Litmus, Glass Love Lost in the Ether and Spirit of Akasha, his book Ether, music from his past band The Val Dusty Experiment and current band The Windy Hills, artisan hand shaped surfboards, and a list of other projects. The Litmus print featuring Derek Hynd riding a Skip Frye fish that I made for the 20th Anniversary Litmus box set My first Introduction to Andrew was his pivotal...

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Aqua Interview with the legendery Mr. Zog of Sex Wax.

Interview with Mr. Zog by Philip Petrovitch. I had a certain tee shirt in sixth grade, and this special tee shirt had magical powers to confound and perplex.  Donning it was a "full-on rad" statement to the world of a little surf rat's mind, a statement that this little duck-tailed grom has thrown his lot in with the surfing life and this tee shirt proves it.  The rest of you be damned.  The iconic Sex Wax tee shirt is this magic shirt of which I speak.  Then and every bit as much today, it's the preferred way to make this statement even if it is now more widely understood.  The magic in the shirt has strongest effect against people who...

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