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Interview with Mr. Kidman by Kevin Alper.

ANDREW KIDMAN is one of the most influential surf artists you may have never heard of. His work reveals a lifelong dedication to the ocean and surfing, and he has been described in Matt Warshaw’s The Encyclopedia of Surfing as somewhat of a wandering surf mystic.  Andrew’s work includes Films such as Litmus, Glass Love Lost in the Ether and Spirit of Akasha, his book Ether, music from his past band The Val Dusty Experiment and current band The Windy Hills, artisan hand shaped surfboards, and a list of other projects. The Litmus print featuring Derek Hynd riding a Skip Frye fish that I made for the 20th Anniversary Litmus box set My first Introduction to Andrew was his pivotal...

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Three Wishes

Well, one wish I have is for a sequel to our all time favorite surf film MORNING OF THE EARTH! Andrew worked with Alby on SPIRIT OF AKASHA and it is a tribute to Alby's amazing film. We are premiering SPIRIT OF AKASHA this Saturday June 20th at The Independent. Here is a fun music video we made for Andrew and The Windy Hills for the single Three Wishes, featuring Riverock, Skydar, Merle and Lylefoot. The Windy Hills will be performing live after the screening. For any more show info visit

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We are proud to present Andrew Kidman's new film the Spirit of Akasha- June 20th

Aqua presents a night with Andrew Kidman, featuring live music with his band and a very special screening of his latest film - Spirit of Akasha.Sat, June 20th at The Independent, 628 Divisadero.Doors: 8:30pm/Movie: 9:15/ Live music to follow.$15 ADV-$17 Door. Tickets available at   What is 'Akasha' If you could string your moments of pure bliss in surfing through your entire life, like pearls on a string, then a great story would unfold and your time here would not have been wasted. It would be the story of a deep connection with the ocean forged form a lifelong commitment to an idea. As humans, everything that we are, everything that we have done and everything that we have...

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