Curt Myers and the talented crew of Powerlines productions are at it again. After releasing Aquaholics this last September they have locked themselves in the editing room and have finalized their next big title RIDE ON!!! Which Premiers very soon at the Red Vic! Read on below.

Curt you will need a nap after all this production work- what�s this film focusing on- named- etc?

"Ride On" is a Powerlines Production based around the last year and a half at Mavericks, Ghost Tree plus some local surfing and a trip with some local bay area surfers to Mexico.

Who are the standout surfers in �Ride On� and why?

There's a wide cast of surfers ranging from some Aqua team riders Ion Banner, Dom Spinardi, Ryan Seelbach, Benjy Darrow ,Alex Martins, Ben Andrews to the Santa Cruz crew of Flea, Peter Mel, Skin Doggy Dogg, Tyler Fox , Shane Desmond, Zach Wormhoudt, Anthony Tashnick and the international chargers like Carlos Burle, Mark Healey, Twiggy, Greg Long, Keali'i Mamala and Garrett plus others. There's a wide variety of surf ranging from 2 to 60+ feet featured in the just over hour-long movie. Ride On hi-lites two of Nor Cal's biggest swells in recent memory where last December 4th had the crew towing Mavericks and Ghost Tree on a dangerously giant swell and recently on November 29th and 30, 2008 the paddle in chargers tested their limits at Mavz.
Alex Martins

What are the dates, times, prices etc?

"RIDE ON!" World Premiere
Friday December 19 - 23
7:15 and 9:15 p.m.
addditional showings
2:00 and 4:00 p.m. Sunday

Red Vic Movie House
1727 Haight Street
San Francisco, Ca. 94117

for more info visit powerlinesproductions.blogspot.com

Right on Curt can�t wait to see the movie.
Anthony Tashnick

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Now a public service announcement:

Ben Andrew on Feb 4th- a very special day at Mavericks!



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