Interview with Curt Myers

I was walking by the Red Vic this morning to get a cup of coffee to get my mind in GO WORK mode (been so hard, with the weather so nice) and on the marquee of the Vic they had just finished putting up AQUAHOLICS. That got my mind thinking that maybe it is time to get a quick interview with Curt Myers about his new film.

How long have you been at this- making/filming and editing surf films?
Curt- � Since 1988, 20 years now- originally I worked with Eric Nelson (the other partner in Powerlines productions) on a local TV show called Powerlines, which featured local heroes. Eric saw I had potential and drive so he eventually gave me my own show. Eric and I started working together on our surf films in 96. It had been all big wave stuff, and while I was out filming I happened to log a lot of smaller wave ripping that we never used in our big wave titles. So basically Aquaholics is all those few and far between epic days, maybe more than 10 years of em put together- I mean we have a lot of fun surf- but the epic days are kind of few and far between, so this footage is the choice days and choice surfers.�

I surf with you- and you are a ripper!- So how hard is it to sit on the beach with a video camera when the waves are finally firing?
Curt- �When you watch Aquaholics- imagine me sitting on the beach filming, going a little mental. When I�m out on a boat filming Mavericks it is easier to focus, film the guys that are out there charging. But when the surf is really fun, you know overhead and hollow, in the end I try to stick to the shot, because that is when you capture the best action. Once in awhile of course I have to get out there, and that is another reason this film has taken awhile to put together.�

This film seems to be entirely focused on SF and San Mateo, are there any other locations featured in the film?
Curt- �Nope, it is all in the general area of SF down to SC.�

Is there anything else you would like people to know about the premier this Friday night?
Curt- �Yesterday I screened it at the Red Vic- they got a brand new projector and I�m very stoked how it looks- it looks good!�

So come on to the premier this Friday night at 7 and 9:15. The Red Vic is right across the street from our shop on Haight Street. After the movie come celebrate with a few beers at John Murio�s Trophy Room.

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