THE DRIFTER- Exclusive Aqua first look at the new surf film about Rob Machado by Taylor Steele.

I�m not the only one excited about a film highlighting Rob Machado�s surfing prowess, hell, besides people asking me when the new Lost video is going to come out (what happened to Spike and the next Lost saga?)- The most asked surf movie question is- �When are we going to see a bio on Machado?� Customers had heard the rumors of one in the works with filmmaker Cryus Sutton (Riding Waves, Under the Sun) and wanted to know when they could get their hands on it- but then for numerous reasons (I care not to go in detail because I have only heard the rumors) the project seemed to get �shelved�. It seemed a Rob surf flick had drifted away�.

Enter THE DRIFTER- My friend Taylor Steele recently mentioned to me after we premiered his latest film Stranger than Fiction that a new flick focused on Rob was well in development. So time to ask some questions-

Taylor you have been friends with Rob since kids, and before Momentum, Loose Change, etc- you had featured him in your movies you had made in High School dubbed to music from The Cult- That was a
long time ago. Why or what brought the elements together to finally make a film about your friend and one of the quickest most fluid surfers in the current line up?

TS- �Rob and I have been friends forever now, so working together on this movie was just a matter of time. Its funny I made Drifting (a movie about Rob) around 98' so I guess every ten years I'll make another Rob film.�

In your opinion what were some of the things that finally made Rob ready to work/focus on a surf movie about himself.

TS- �Rob and I were talking about his stalled movie project and how to revive it. Then Dustin Humphrey had an idea of putting Rob in Indonesia. That�s when things really clicked. The images of him
exploring and surfing the best waves of his life seemed timeless. Sort of like Gerry Lopez of the 70's.�

I know your remember Hodges from Seaside, he was one of the fastest surfers we had ever seen, and had a big influence on all of us- yet it seems Rob was one of the only ones to pick up on the secrets to Hodge�s �lights-speed abilities�. I�m having a hard time putting this question to words- but if you are actually surfing with Rob it is absolutely amazing how fast he surfs down the line. On video his surfing is sooo smooth it almost seems he is going really slowly- how do you convey in film how fast and explosive Rob is?

TS- �Yeah Rob was the only ones to pick up on Hodges speed demon skills. Yet Rob also picked up on Tom Curren and Gerry Lopez style to go with
it. Quite a combo really, when you think about it. With video or film it�s hard to capture it and do him justice. Let me just quote Dane Reynolds (who came to hang out with Rob on this project) he said Rob understand waves and has a connection with the waves unlike anyone he's ever seen.�

I�ve heard you are using that new futuristic Red One camera on this project- how is that working and contributing to the project?

TS- The RED one is the best camera I have ever used. It is like our Arriflex super 16mm but you can watch the footage that day. We shot equal to
400,000 ft of film with the RED for this movie. We could have never afforded to shoot that if we actually used film. Instead it went straight to the hard drive. Crazy!�

The title of the film is of course THE DRIFTER- my assumption at the meaning of the title is that Rob is at a point in his life where he needs to go a little off the map in order to reflect on certain
challenges and happenings in his life. Infusion of different cultures, a different path to everyday life, inspiration and adrenalin from epic waves seems to be needed to help reflect and digest the things going on in Rob�s life. Am I just full off shit? How does the title have significance to you and this project?

TS- �You are 100% correct. Hopefully it all comes across in the film. He is on a journey. I rather you watch it than talk about it.�

Where was The Drifter primarily shot?

TS- �Only in Indonesia but all over the map. Then we burned the information to not give away to others where we were.�

What has been your main responsibility on this project, and who else has been working on this project?

TS- �I was originally producer but it became apparent that I should direct it. The crew is the same as Sipping Jetstreams (Todd Heater DP & Dustin Humphrey as producer). Plus Nathan Myers writing it or making sense of what was going on around us.
Everyone did everything though it was quite collaborative movie.�

When can we get our hands on a copy of THE DRIFTER?

TS- �April 09! Talk to later Aleks. Thanks for everything. Aqua rocks!�

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