Go Have Fun- It’s Halloween Tonight!

Long ago Halloween was a night of mystic significance. For Druids it marked the end of summer, which they celebrated with a festival for the Sun God Samhain. Celtic people believed it was a night of witches, a fearful night when ghosts and goblins were free to roam. Some of these beliefs came to America with immigrating families and formed the holiday that we now call Halloween- which we pretty much turned into another reason to party! So get into the carnival spirit!- Just be careful though, look at poor Ash in the spooky clip below. His hand has become possessed by Evil Dead spirits!

Don�t feel too bad for Ash- in the next scene he gets a cool chainsaw arm! Bless you Sam Raimi!

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Silly 80’s

Ben Andrew on Feb 4th- a very special day at Mavericks!



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