Music in da Bay- This weekend!

Something I'm looking forward to this weekend is the 2nd Treasure Island Music Festival- I've got Bryan from Another Planet Entertainment on line-

Bryan, give us a little Background of the Treasure Island Festival- How did it come about?

Bryan- �Another Planet Entertainment and Noise Pop Industries had been
entertaining the idea of expanding Noise Pop into a multi day festival that
appealed to independent artists and had looked around the bay area at a
number of festival locations in late 2006 until we came across Treasure
Island. It was the perfect location and the intimate size we were after.
Plus it had a million $ view.�

Talk about a scenic venue? Last year I was lucky enough to be riding the Ferris wheel during a beautiful sunset, while listening to live music. What a treat- Is this as it seems to me- one of the nicest locations in the US for a music festival?

Bryan- �There's not a better vantage of the city of San Francisco than Treasure Island. Alcatraz is so close you could cast a fishing rod and you have 180 degree views of San Francisco's downtown and the Golden Gate Bridge. I
can't think of a better location in the entire United States for a music
festival. And that's standing on the ground. Once you add a ride on the 60�
ferris wheel the views become even more breath taking. Make sure you
catch the sunset!

Logistically it also seems like one of the hardest to organize. How do you migrate all the fans back and forth to Yerba Buena Island without causing major congestion for the Bay Area.

Bryan- "Due to the limited parking on the island the logistics are very tricky
when hosting an event for 10k people. In order to insure safety and ease
traffic congestion we provide complimentary shuttle service on bio-diesel
buses from Lot A at AT&T Park to Treasure Island and back. These buses run
on a continuous loop throughout the day. We even offer free parking at Lot

In addition to being efficient with the transportation and parking, we
have created a schedule of bands where there will be no overlapping sets and
music will be running throughout the day without any breaks. All you need to
do is go back and forth from the Bridge Stage to the Tunnel Stage, which are
less than 50 yards apart.�

Last year the festival focused on Electronic music on Saturday and Rock on Sunday-What is the theme for this year's festival?

Bryan- �The theme is similar to last year in that the music is differentiated
between the days. Saturday features electronic music, DJ's, hip-hop, and
more dance oriented acts including Justice, TV on the Radio, Goldfrapp, Hot
Chip, CSS, Anitbalas, Aesop Rock, Amon Tobin, Mike Relm and more. Sunday's
lineup is more geared to indie rock featuring The Raconteurs, Tegan & Sara,
Vampire Weekend, Spiritualized, Okkervil River, The Kills, Dr. Dog, Fleet
Foxes, Tokyo Police Club, The Dodos and more.�

What are the Bay Area bands that are playing that you are really excited about? Give us some details-

Bryan-� We have a handful of local acts on the festival including Aesop Rock,
Mike Relm, The Dodos, John Vanderslice, Loquat, The Frail, Morning Benders,
Port O'Brien and Or, the Whale. The highlights for me will be Aesop Rock on
Saturday and The Dodos on Sunday. Please root for the home team!�
Where do we go to find out all we need to know?

Bryan- � Check out for all the information. See
you this weekend!�

Thanks Bryan, we'll see you there.

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And da winner of the"Do something nice for Ocean Beach” contest is-

Ben Andrew on Feb 4th- a very special day at Mavericks!



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