Do something nice for SFOB and you could win a new Matuse Wetsuit


Ice Cream Headaches
83 duckdives in a row
45 minute paddle outs
Weeks of nothing
Scary bombs
Fleeting barrels
Torrid rips

Ocean Beach has given so much to you, so why not show
her some love?

Aqua Surf Shop and Matuse are asking you to do
something good for Ocean Beach, and document it for your chance to win a Matuse 4/3/2 Hoplight wetsuit. 

Maybe invite a few friends to join you with a
Beach clean-up, or perhaps scribble a letter to a
local politician asking for help with better garbage
options for the stretch between the north and south
of the beach?

Or how about something community minded?  Build a
gigantic sand castle, with neighborhood children,
while teaching them about waves, tides, and some of
the wild life around our beach. Or present a
lecture on the history of SF�s Ocean Beach to a local
elementary school or camp, instilling care and preservation.

We don�t want to come up with the idea for you- all we
ask is that you take action, and do something nice for
our old friend Ocean Beach. After you’ve completed
your good deed, let us know by writing a summary of
it, taking a couple photos of the process, and
providing two references so we can confirm your good
deed - and you could win a brand spankin’ new Matuse
wetsuit.  With the suit, you’ll be better off to spend
even more time with your favorite beach.

Do your good deed between July 25th and August 25th
2008 and submit email/photos/ two references� phone
numbers to by 08/30/08. Aqua
owners and Matuse will collectively choose one thought worthy person as the “winner”, and award them a new
Matuse 4/3/2 Hoplight.  This is an amazing suit, trust
us.  Everyone who submits a good deed will receive a
coupon for 20% off their next clothing and sunglasses
purchase. Good things for good deeds.  Aqua Surf
Shop, Matuse, and Ocean Beach salutes your spirit.

*We kindly ask that all entries be conducted in a responsible, lawful manner,
by participants who agree to absolve Aqua Surf Shop and Matuse Wetsuits of all
responsibility for any injury, damage or inconvenience suffered as a result of
participating in the contest.  Aqua Surf Shop and Matuse Wetsuits also reserve
the right to use the name of the entrants and subsequent media produced for any purpose.

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The new 2009 Wetsuits have arrived!

Ben Andrew on Feb 4th- a very special day at Mavericks!



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