Photos with Paul Ferraris

Paul Ferraris is a great local photographer and teaches photography and digital design at City Arts and Tech High School in the Excelsior. Paul and Matt Proehl are having an opening at John Collins Lounge this upcoming Saturday night, Nov 8th.

Paul, please tell us a little about the show.

So the show is myself, and my friend Matt Proehl. We have gone on a bunch of trips together, and our photography complements each other. John of John Collins Lounge asked Matt if we would be interested in putting a show together. Recently I�ve been going through all my negatives on the weekends- my original intention was to clean up and throw away slides and negatives that have been filling up my desk drawers and file cabinets, stuff I never intended to use- in this process I started to find some serious jewels that I began to scan and work on- and they came out to be some of my best work. Who would of thought!?! I had images that judging by the negative seemed not worth printing- but upon second inspection I�ve saved some gems- I was going to throw most of it out! Right after this Matt asked me if I would be interested in this show at John Collins so it just all worked out.
I started working with this new paper from Germany that has a certain luster that gives the prints deep tones, which in a lot of ways looks better than the silver gelatin prints I usually make. Almost all these pictures are from Fuji ISO 1600 speed film, so they all have this grainy, strong contrasting look that give the images a moody look and feel. Because it is such high-speed film you can shoot it with a high aperture so everything is in focus.

What is the theme of the work? Where are they primarily shot?

The work is from all over - Africa, South Pacific, New Zealand, Santa Cruz, and couple Ocean Beach overviews.

About half the pictures are surfing related and about half are travel related. Some are a little �folksy�- like this one of a poodle in front of a doublewide trailer- Oh, and one of these pictures is from last year- an amazing place called Vanuatu in the South Pacific. There had not been any surf and my mother and father had ventured out to visit me. This one stormy morning my mother and I had been taking a walk by this spot I routinely checked, and it happened to be firing. I quickly snapped some shots and than sprinted to get my board. My mother got to watch me surf for the first time. �It�s pretty good out there?� She asked, even mom could tell how special and epic the waves were at that moment.
Another picture reminded me of the first time I had ever seen elephants in the wild. I found this negative I had believed was all washed out- yet when I took the time to scan it, it was unbelievable! Three elephants and a baby facing each other at a watering hole, just a beautiful image.
So the show opens this Saturday night from 7 till closing and the show runs till Dec 8th. It is at John Collins Lounge which is 70 Natoma Street at 2nd. We�ll see you there! Visit Paul's site HERE

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