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2012 Winter Wetsuits at Aqua

November 8 2011
As we enter our Winter season it is time to anticipate good waves but also COLD WATER! These are ...

Lost Atlas

August 5 2011


Channel yer Shaka Chakra

May 4 2011
Surfing opens up our minds specifically through our Shaka Chakra, don't go through life being a 1...


May 2 2011
Fun-Raiser 111 Minna Thursday, May 12th MONAPALOOZA Our good friend Mona (Obviously- an amazing...

Field Trip

April 28 2011


Pizza, Beer, Surf Films-

April 26 2011
Dudes- we want to eat Pizza and see surf films! So, we are going to premiere the new SUPERbrand f...

Peter Campbell getting so pitted-

April 25 2011
Just a couple of clips of Aqua Team Shredder Peter Campbell getting super shacked from awhile bac...

Vote Merle

March 29 2011



March 11 2011



February 24 2011
here is another Aqua produced music video for Andrew Kidman's band, The Windy Hills. Riverock and...

Little Hawk by The Windy Hills

February 4 2011
Our friend Andrew Kidman and his band The Windy Hills just released a wonderful new record. THE ...


December 22 2010

Took the Merle pic below and added some Holiday MAGIC to it!


December 4 2010


Get Pitted

December 2 2010

Common Sense-

November 15 2010

Be there-

October 23 2010


Some new models from Danny Hess

October 13 2010
Come into the Sloat shop to check out Danny’s new model DA GNOME. Danny Hess is making some new...

MY EYES WON"T DRY 3 at the California Academy of Sciences!

October 7 2010
On October 20th- A special Aqua Surf Movie Nite! Aqua And Wavefest proudly bring ya a surf movie ...

Block Party

October 1 2010
Surf for Life brings you OUTDOOR MOVIE NIGHT and FREE S'mores! Friday, October 8 at 7:00pm - Octo...

Sunday Yoga class at our Sloat Shop

September 28 2010
There has been a little surf, and just from that my shoulders have been killing me- so we are goi...