Micro Interview with Brian Conley

Aqua and Wavefest are happy to have Brian Conley back up in SF for the premiere of his third installment of My Eyes Won't Dry series. We took a brief minute to quickly catch up with Brian.

Aqua-Where are you living or spending most of your time now?

Brian Conley- Mexico.

Aqua- What surf movies have inspired and influenced you and your film making style?

Brian Conley- Innermost limits of pure fun. Second Thoughts, and Jack McCoy films.

Aqua- Tell us a little how your are capturing your POV footage. What are the ways you are mounting and holding the cameras?

Brian Conley- I am holding the HD cameras and mounting them to the tail of my board.

Aqua-What are you shooting on?

Brian Conley- HD, the film is captured over 3 years so there is a progression of cameras in the film. This year I began shooting with the cannon cameras such as the 7d.

Aqua- How has your POV style evolve since the first two movies?

Brian Conley- The way I hold the camera is a new angle for me and it allows me to use bigger more quality cameras in bigger surf.

Aqua- You have worked with the shaper Xanadu for a long time. How have your boards evolved for the films, and what is your favorite board dems for big barrels?

Brian Conley- I love my Xanadus! I use different boards for different occasions. From 7ft to 9 ftrs for paddling in and 5'10"s for stepping off the jet. I have been enjoying the 4 fins for fast hollow waves.

Aqua- What would you like the viewer to walk away with after seeing MEWD 3?

Brian Conley- I hope viewers feel and experience the full adrenaline and sensations while fulfilling ones Tubular Addiction. Big tubes are known to be the highest rewards in surfing. There are risks to be taken to achieve these awards. I hope to inspire viewers to do what makes them happy and stoked, open minds to the beauty and power that runs wild in the ocean.

Aqua- What is next for Brian Conley?

Brian Conley- Developing my surfing and photography skills to new levels. Score great days of surf and be in the right place at the right time to experience the stoke! I have a little 18 month boy so he keeps me happily busy as well. He loves the water!

Aqua- Mahalo Brian, we'll be seeing you at the premiere. Get your tickets HERE as it is not possible to get them at the door of the Cal Academy.

Here is a clip from Brian's last movie MEWD 2

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