Some new models from Danny Hess

Come into the Sloat shop to check out Danny’s new model DA GNOME.

Danny Hess is making some new boards for us which are the outcome of some new tech he has been working on.

They are 2lb 100% recycled eps core

Then inlayed with Vacuum formed 1/8th” poplar deck skins that perform two functions.
They create a very durable, hard to dent deck and acts as the stringer of the board to create a very specific, lively and predictable flex.

They are glassed with the highest quality epoxy and are available in entropy bio epoxy for 50.00 extra.
The new template is named DA GNOME;)
The gnome shape is a shorter, wider high performance shortboard outline. Designed to generate speed in everyday conditions from knee high slop too overhead punchy surf. The extra bit of volume is always your friend at SFOB.
The inspiration for da Gnome Shape!

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