Stoked and Broke

Comes to the Roxie!

Our friend Stefan Jeremias just told us about Cyrus Sutton's new film STOKED AND BROKE

which is playing tomorrow night at da Roxie at 8pm tomorrow (Wednesday night at 8pm) with live music from da Blank Tapes.

"Making their own boards, bamboo rickshaws, solar cookers, and hobo stoves, surfers Ryan Burch and Cyrus Sutton set off on a thirty mile, eight day walk through San Diego, CA. But what begins as a guide to taking a minimalist surfing journey, quickly becomes an examination of freedom vs alienation."

Starring: San Diego, Ryan Burch, Cyrus Sutton, Richard Kenvin, Lucas Dirkse, Eric Snortum, Glen Horn, Roberta Horn and Kneeboard Steve
Trailer HERE

Soundtrack by The Blank Tapes and Mike McCarthy

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Block Party

Ben Andrew on Feb 4th- a very special day at Mavericks!

MY EYES WON"T DRY 3 at the California Academy of Sciences!


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