Bill Hickey is da Man!

Our friend and amazing local legend Bill Hickey is currently taking orders for custom boards right now!

For those that do not know about Mr. Hickey, he started working in the original O'Neill shop on Wawona street, taking custom wetsuit orders.
Bill began making surfboards in 1957, starting with his own and then building all his friend's boards, going on to even work with Hobie for a stint. In 1964 Bill opened up his own work shop selling custom surfboards, and he is STILL making them in the exact manner.

Bill's boards are FUNCTIONAL ART! He builds each board individually, strongly glassed with S-cloth (way stronger than e-glass) bottom is a layer of 6 ounce cloth, top is two layers of 6 and one layer of 4 ounce cloth. They all come glossed and polished, with his signature abstract pigment work that is intensely colorful and beautiful, framed by his master pin-line work! Even the fins are hand built by Bill.

Bill builds the type of board you will treasure your entire life. To order a board from Bill simply come visit the Sloat shop and we will connect you directly with Bill (we are not selling these boards through our shop we are simply trying to drive orders to a master craftsman and good friend) When you are ready to place an order you will directly send Bill a deposit of $200. Turn around time is 2 to 4 months, Bill focuses on taking enough time to completely build the highest quality surfboard.

All boards are glassed with S Glass, come custom color coordinated with hand built fins. Full color only with pin-line work. Bill does not do any clear boards, "Clear boards? That's no fun!"
to see a youtube vid of Bill talking about his surfboards-

Below is a custom Bill made me several years ago that I love and goes unreal. Dog not included.

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Ed Peters January 18 2020

Bill is one of the legends of surfing, I’m stoked while hanging out with Bill, my new friend.

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