Sunday Yoga class at our Sloat Shop

There has been a little surf, and just from that my shoulders have been killing me- so we are going to have a li'l yoga class this Sunday in the Sloat shop at 7 till 8:30pm. The cost is only $8 bucks and we have room for only 6 to 8 people so please reserve at . Here is some more info about James the instructor and his class-
Board With Yoga emphasizes the development of balance, focus, flexibility, strength and discipline. After only a few sessions of Ashtanga yoga, the basis of this practice, one will recognize significant improvements in their endurance, overall physical strength, and mental clarity. Board With Yoga was inspired by my life-long addiction to board sports. Whether you surf, snowboard, skate, swim, play basketball, football, golf, you name it, yoga can improve your performance as well as quality of life. Realize your full potential and acheive a mental clarity that only yoga can provide. Lessons are generally 1 hour and are designed for all levels. Beginning yoga students with little or no experience please attend! If your goal is to cross train for a sport, feel better, or relieve stress, Board With Yoga is for you. Feel free to contact me regarding the training, Ashtanga yoga, etc. at

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Indo Party.

Ben Andrew on Feb 4th- a very special day at Mavericks!

Block Party


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