2012 Winter Wetsuits at Aqua

As we enter our Winter season it is time to anticipate good waves but also COLD WATER! These are the three wetsuit brands we are proud to carry through the 2011/2012 season and are CONFIDENT that they are well-built, functional- and they are built to help us evolve in our own surfing, keeping us WARM and PROTECTED from the elements!

Be on the look out for in-shop demos and talks from the reps as to why these brands are special.

The local company ISURUS delivers one of the most unique and well-made performance suits we have ever worn! We have found that these suits take a bit more time and care to put on than you're average wetsuit, which is because they are the most form-fitting wetsuits ever! They feel like a second skin, not something that's going to get in the way of your surfing. SUMMARY (again) this is the best performance oriented suit we have used! Isurus suits are well made with premium closed cell neoprene, plenty warm, very light and fair priced. Come check them out!

Learn more HERE

I-ELITE 4/3/4 $499.95

I-EVADE HOODED 4/3/4 $549.95

Everyone knows Patagonia's commitment to building the best equipment possible, in the new R3 wetsuits, it is evident in their attention to detail.

"It takes about 6 hours and 45 minutes to make a Patagonia full suit. That’s about twice as long as it takes to make most wetsuits. (We know; we make ours in some of the same factories as our competitors.) Quality this good only comes with time and care."

What we found from using the new R3s last January, was confidence to enter those chilly water and wind conditions we have here mid winter in SF. Unlike other suits, where after a two hour session you start to really get cold, the R3's merino wool lining kept us at a more constant warmth from the beginning to the end of our sessions. Also we were happy to find the suit did not feel as heavy or thick once surfing as we previously mis-assumed. SUMMARY- an incredibly well made (the cleanest/strongest stitching we have ever seen), well fitting, WARM, functional wetsuit. Also a huge plus is the drying time. These suits will almost completely dry overnight in room temp, which is obviously nice to put on a dry suit on those cold mornings.

Learn more about the R3 and see a video about Patagonia's new wetsuits made by Chris Malloy and Jason Baffa HERE

R3 $550

R3 W/HOOD $575.

Xcel continues to make some of the best wetsuit products on the market. The Drylock wetsuit has won wetsuit of the year for 3 years from SIMA!
SUMMARY- Xcel is our best selling brand, we've been using and selling them for 12 years now, and they only get better. Xcel's booties are the best we've used- functional, and warm, as well as their whole line of wetsuit accessories!

"We're excited and proud to be honored by our industry once again," says Xcel president Ed D'Ascoli. "Our focus on delivering the best possible product ensures that our wetsuit innovations and technologies are constantly evolving in terms of warmth, performance, stretch, and beyond. So it's a real honor having our peers recognize the INFINITI DRYLOCK line as it's evolved from year to year."
more about Xcel HERE

SLX 4/3 $150
XZIP 4/3 $325
XZIP2 5/4/3 $360
DRYLOCK 4/3 $450
DRYLOCK 5/4/3 $475

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Bali Hi-Fi is Back!

Ben Andrew on Feb 4th- a very special day at Mavericks!

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