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With his new film IDIOSYNCRASIES, Patrick focuses on inspiring, creative individuals who bring their own peculiar outlook and energy into their surfing as they do in life.

Some shape, sing, create visual art and film, some surfed at the highest competitive levels- and every single one rips with style!

IDIOSYNCRASIES takes you along into the world of these artist-underground rippers as they share their lives and dreams in their natural habitats and home breaks. Their stories all stoke and inspire, and keep the fire burning in us all as we await much anticipated South Swells that never seems to actually come.

I got some friends to ask Patrick some questions about his new film to get some different perspectives and move away from the typical interview. Some of them know Patrick and others do not, I'll start with the first question.

I feel the title of your new film "Idiosyncrasies" may hint at the way you tend to see your own way of life and style of art. Would I be right in assuming that with this title you are telling the viewers that this movie is a sort of lens into your own personal vision, a trip into the mind-space of Patrick Trefz- the eccentric world of the artist? Or, does this movie find things outside of your life and work; things that you see as idiosyncratic in the world at large that you have decided to share with all of us?

I believe that the individuals in my short stories have a very distinct, at times eccentric style. They all seem to do things in their own way, regardless of trends and flavors that they mainstream surfing world has to offer. And I feel a strong kinship, a psychological attachment to the Underdog. That’s how the title came about...
Harbor Bill
Harbor Bill about to get all time slotted.

Andrew Kidman musician/filmmaker asks, "Patrick what’s it like dealing with the different personalities?”

Dealing with the personalities of the film was easy cause I was already dealing with them before I started filming. Some are easy to deal with, some (like Andrew) are extremely difficult, especially when you try to please them with a bottle of gin...

“Do you has preconceived ideas about what you're trying to get when working with them or do you just let it all unfold?"

Some characters lend themselves to a preconceived storyline, whereas with other ones I just had to go with what was offered during the filming...

Jason Baffa filmmaker asks, "As filmmakers, we are unfortunately realizing that you can't always spend money shooting film and be guaranteed a return on your costs in this current slow economy. I'm curious if that adjusted your vision for this film in regard to what formats you shot, your approach to shooting and if you embraced any new technology?"

“Film is great, but I’d rather eat organic.” is an Andrew Kidman quote. And I probably would have fought him about it 3 years ago. But technology changed so much in the last years, it is pretty much an ecological and economical waste to use film. One of the true reasons why film was so important, was that it was the only medium that could truly shoot hi-quality slow motion. That’s not the case anymore, the HVX shoots incredible slow-motion. And the whole cheap looking digital pixilated look is also a blast from the past. There is a certain warmth to the imagery that makes it look and feel real.
it’s the End of Film, some might predict... But not quiet yet. I did use some 16mm in the film.

Kim Cogan painter asks, "I am curious of why you selected these people? How did you/they choose locations? How long did the film take, and how did you fund a project like this?"

This project has been in the making for almost 2 decades. Friendships that developed over the years, attitudes towards life that I thought were inspiring and thought provoking, sharing adventures and spending downtime together, lend me to integrate these characters into a series of shorts. But each one of them could have their own full-length film, their stories run deep.
Most locations are based in the strongholds of surf culture, the casts local spots in Australia, Hawaii and Cali ...peppered with a little Mex
in the end it took me about 3 years from start to finish. TEAK, a full service production house from SF, did the editing which put a professional edge on the whole thing that I would have not been able to acquire in my barn in Santa Cruz. Thanks Greg! Ah yeah, and thanks to VISA, you made it possible for me to do this movie: 2 cards maxed out and no payoff in sight.

"What direction would you like to see happen in surfing?"

Straight is a good direction, and so is vertical.
Harbor Bill's son Josh surfs well too.

Marcus Sanders editor of Surfline asks, "What is your least favorite thing about the ASP World Tour?"

....That’s a very negative question. Might want to reformulate that...

"What would your ideal contest look like?"

The ideal surf contest would take place on different planets in the universe. Each planet has its own surf spot, waves draping over perfectly shaped reefs, an ocean that’s so glassy it resembles warm honey. Each contestant has their own planet and surfs without any spectators. After two years of riding these waves by themselves, the committee will evaluate the data of the smilo-meters that are installed inside the end section of the wave. And soon they will come to find out: the happiest surfer is usually not the best surfer.

Richard Kenvin filmmaker asks, "How many jalapenos went into the making of idiosyncrasies?"

I would say 100 per year = 300 total.

"When you say, ‘Don't worry about it,’ what exactly do you mean?"

Did I ever say that?

Kirk Gee publisher asks, "What of the Basques, you seems to have an affinity with them in your films and artistic ventures, please elaborate?"

I love the Basques. I tip my hat to any minority - it’s the psychological attachment to the Underdog. I have never seen anything good come out of mass hysteria.

Thank you Patrick, we'll see you at the premiere of IDIOSYNCRASIES Wednesday the 21st of July at The Four Star Theater, 2200 Clement street. ONE SHOWING ONLY 9PM Get tickets at-

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