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Friday May 21st get ready for one trip!!!

Hey – when was the last time you were in Chinatown? We’ve put together a little guide to help you navigate your way to this foreign land and ultimately – to the Great Star Theatre.

CASTLES IN THE SKY the new film by Taylor Steele, is a visual whirlwind that follows surfers to the farthest reaches of the known surf world and beyond. Filmed in five countries over three years, the movie delves into the true heart of the locations as the surfers journey through with a sense of open-minded awe. We encourage you to get off your ass and prepare for a trip away from your usual routine, head to the distant reaches of Chinatown and prepare for a totally unique, rewarding adventure.

Making the newly reopened Great Star Theatre in Chinatown the perfect venue for Taylor Steele's new multicultural surf film.
Seemingly isolated from the San Francisco's Sunset District lies exotic Chinatown. A "magic carpet ride" to an entirely different world, where one can easily forget they are next to downtown SF, let alone America. Tasty food, drinks, and nunchucks are bonus awards for your journey to Chinatown

Now you might say- "Chinatown is too overwhelming! I can't find parking. It’s too touristy!" Well that is why we have scheduled the movie at 9pm on a Friday night! We’ve included links to MUNI/BART schedules, a map of nearby parking garages, restaurants, and hotspots that you probably haven’t heard of. We want you to get there in time to enjoy a nice meal, see an awesome movie and join us for a fun after party in North Beach at the Columbus Cafe.

Trip Highlights

Savor delicious food at House of Nanking, Pearl City Seafood, Chef Jia's, Henry Chung's Hunan. Click HERE for more great restaurants and info from SF Gate

Learn your destiny at Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory, hidden in Ross alley. See fortune cookies made the old fashioned way, and sample one right off the ancient assembly line. *closes at 6pm.

Sip a red lotus in the surreal ambiance of the famous Li Po Lounge

Dig around the dvd stores for some of our favorite Shaw Brothers kung fu films

Any of the tourist trap shops on Grant Ave are excellent places to stock up on Snaps, nunchucks, Chinese slippers, tea, or that “Alcatraz Swim Team” t-shirt that you’ve always wanted

Visit “Uncle Gee” at Vital Tea Leaf and he’ll set you up with a tea that will heal what ails ya: HERE

Once you’re done

Amp out on Taylor Steele’s latest film at the newly reopened GREAT STAR THEATRE, the only Chinese Opera House outside of China!

Hightail it outta Chinatown and head to North Beach – and chop it up with us at the official "CASTLES" afterparty at Columbus Café.
Make it easy on yourself & put this in yer browser- it marks all da parking/restaurants/theater/nightspots/etc click HERE

We are excited to work with The Great Star for the first time visit them HERE

Get Amped for Taylor's new movie "Castles" HERE

Muni Schedule HERE

THERE WILL BE ONE SHOWING ONLY!- Ticket and more info coming soon!

Happily brought to you by Aqua Surf Shop and Wavefest.
Tickets are $11 including service charge- available here-

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