Wyatt Fields

Wyatt Fields has been passionate about surfing since he was a wee grom, sweeping up da shop back when it was Aquaholics. Wyatt lives and breaths surfing, tearing da tops off small waves and charging heavy Mavericks. He has always been very true to the sport, focused, clear-minded and healthy so he can do what he loves for his entire life. Even more noteworthy is what he has done as a role model to the younger generation of surfers in Half Moon Bay and generous in helping them with equipment. He is a true friend, holds firm to his beliefs and is funny - so long as the joke is not on him! Another thing Wyatt is passionate about is good food, he has been in the industry for years and established his own catering company - Native Catering SF. He is a proud uncle and attentive to his niece Callie. Keep up the good life, Wyatt.