Peter Campbell

"Peter Campbell is one of the most powerful surfers that I have ever had the pleasure of sharing time with in the water. A role model in his attitude and they way he carries himself - Peter is one of my favorite surfers of all time and to this day I have not seen anyone go more past vertical on their backhand. I have countless memories of looking into the barrel seeing Peter throwing up peace signs as he causally draws lines, followed by vicious hacks and gouges. I have forever coveted his first board (a 7’7” Weber semi gun that had been put back together 3x - and this board has been to Indo—after all of that—it is a magic board). Peter has always showed great strength and character never slumping to show bad action or negativity towards others. Peter has always been sort of a hero to me, and has recently been challenged by injuries - suffering a traumatic and serious neck injury that he is positively working through it. We all look forward to his full recovery and presence in the water, and the great energy and the high level of surfing that goes with it."

- Ion Banner