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Sir Ion Banner - Ion is a true "Sir" of the surfing world. Ion is focused on the big picture, which to him is the the purity and energy of surfing - and true friends. He still gets excited about the potential of every new swell and the possibilities of getting barreled! Super involved with his community, he loves to mentor the upcoming youth through shared experiences with the goal of helping them reach their surfing/life potential. "After a lifetime of surfing, I’ve focused on my flexibility, stamina, and maintaining a certain level. I continue to fine tune the art of barrel riding, always looking to my peers/mentors to learn and get inspired.” Ion loves to play music and create art, “..but lately, I have been on a recent surf binge- that is kind of how I am, I put all my energy into the one thing I am working on and what is available to me, for example if the surf is flat I go to the guitar and creating music.” Ion is a full supporter of eating healthy real foods. "I feel the most harmonious when surrounded by the nature and ocean. Fully aware the water can be full of positivity as long as you have the right mindset and approach. That is pretty much me in a nutshell, what I have been working in for a few years now, and I see good change and evolution, so I am hopefully sweetening with age!"

Rad Video of Ion by Curt of Powerlines Productions!