Gorillas in the Fog- Question time with three of the silverbacks of OB

Written By Aleks Petrovitch - March 10 2015


August 14 2015

“On those holy days when the the morning sun lights up the backs of the unworthy as they watch the show from the dunes, and the black dots way out to sea are few, you can bet that a couple of OB’s grizzled silverbacks are out there.”

Loved that. Such a rad article.

scott krile
March 16 2015

these guys pretty much sum it up. paddling out at OB is not for sissies. at any age.

March 12 2015

Love to hear some of the older guys sharing wisdom. It is always nice seeing guys a decade (or two) older who are still doing it; this lets us 40-somethings know we still have years left in the tank which is very inspiring. Hopefully, the OB newbies learn to slow down, not hassle for waves, not paddle to the peak from the shoulder when someone is already in the spot. Slow down, take time, wave come. I hope these silverbacks get the respect they deserve. Thanks for sharing the knowledge Aqua.

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