Mr. Bill Hickey

Brief summary about the new mural on Leon's old BBQ shack above our surf shop. A motivated art student by the name of Alejandro came to me wanting to do a piece. I asked him to look into the history of our neighborhood a little, and relate his piece to that which interests him. He came back a couple days later excited about one of our local legends, Bill Hickey. Alejandro is inspired by Bill's surfboards which are functional art, beautifully and expertly made by hand! So Alejandro's piece aims to communicate the creative force that emanates from one of our favorite Sunset people- Bill Hickey.
Oh yeah order a board from Bill, you will treasure it! Contact him HERE

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Plight of the Torpedo People

Ben Andrew on Feb 4th- a very special day at Mavericks!

Kai comes to SF and drops in a bunch of guys, luckily no one was hatcheted!


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