The Board Art Benefit was of course FUN!

I have not been able to update the blog much lately as our Sloat shop got broken into and besides a van load of inventory da crooks took all of our computers. So we have been trying to rebuild all our lost data as well as repair all the physical damage that was done. CROOKS YOU REALLY SUCK!
Now back to positive stuff. I had a great time with last week's Board Art Benefit. At my house, I hosted a bunch of rad artists that came down from Olympia and Portland, they got my mind off of retail and fired up about being creative and taking off on adventures.
The art I created for the event.

I worked with buddy Matt Beard to organize this art benefit/party for Surf Aid International, along with Anthony and Camille of Driftwood Salon Art Gallery (You might remember Anthony from the shop as he worked there for a long time), Emily and Saya of Surf Aid International, and all the SF and North of SF artists- all of us worked incredibly well together and this event was one of the smoothest I have helped produce in a long time. It was nice to be able to relax when the event opened to the public instead of running around trying to fix various things. The gallery looked great with all the art installed, The beer from Kona Brewery tasted great, Likwifi played awesome sets of music, and best of all was the H A P P Y vibe from everyone there! Thank you to all the nice, grounded people that came to the show- you made me a little less jaded about humans.

Surf Aid put up a great summary of the event with lot's of great pictures. CHECK IT OUT HERE!

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Board Art Benefit June 9th at Driftwood ArtSalon!

Ben Andrew on Feb 4th- a very special day at Mavericks!

Plight of the Torpedo People


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