Checking in with MR. Stultz

Ric Stultz, creator of our Surf Piranha tee has sent us a little update and some images of some new work.
Futuristic surf piranha space ships
Ric says, "March was a whirlwind for me. My girlfriend and I were out in NYC for the beginning of the month. While there we saw Gil Scott Heron at Blue Note, the Tim Burton exhibit at MOMA and I stopped in to say hello to Giant Robot NY (I've got work in their current show Small Favors). Then we were home for a bit, I spent time painting. We then flew to Tampa to hang out with my folks. From Tampa we flew to LA for the opening of a group show I'm in at WWA Gallery in Culver City called LA 3010. Then we flew home to Milwaukee. Its good to be back. The weather is warming and I'm spending time in the studio. For 2010 I'm concentrating on painting with bright colors, the world needs as much color as it can get."
Check out more of Ric's work here-

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Limited Ed for Kenny

Ben Andrew on Feb 4th- a very special day at Mavericks!

Heads up- Next Surf Swap


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