Charg’in Mr Martins

Who is da nicest wave destroyer at da beach?
My vote is on Alex Martins. Alex consistently inspires and motivates with his surfing, yet is always humble and genuine to everyone. Alex is just as amped on surfing as when he was a grom, and continues to bring his surfing to new levels.
Alex took a little time to summarize his feelings on the recent Mav contest below, all photos are by Brian L. Frank. Also Alex sent us to this link to a nice short made about him and the contest by Vanessa Carr.

Alex, "I was really fortunate to get into this contest because everybody showed up except Brock Little who got injured at Waimea. I had done the contest in 2006 but the experience that I had this year was beyond my expectations. I've been putting my time in at Mavericks for a long time and training really hard, but what we saw on the Saturday of the contest was something totally different from what we usually see. It was the biggest and heaviest day that pretty much anyone had experienced paddling into. To make it through to the semi final was huge for me. I was really stoked about it especially because I won my heat, got the biggest wave of my life and almost made it through to the final."





The Maverick from Vanessa Carr on Vimeo.

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Damn you’re crazy Mr. Banner!!!

Ben Andrew on Feb 4th- a very special day at Mavericks!



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