The Doctor has da cure for da “Spring Slop Blues.”

Oh boy Spring slop is right around da corner! Who has the cure? Well, Doc Lausch of course! He has a whole new line up of slop killers, and he will be bringing them up for you to demo this weekend.

This Saturday Doc Lausch and his Surf Prescriptions posse will be coming up to SF for a demo day and discussion about his new models for 2010.

-On Saturday, Doc will be driving up from Huntington Beach and arrive somewhere between 2 and 3PM at our Sloat shop, whereby he will lead a presentation and have a Q & A about his new models. Then Doc will hang out to talk and take custom orders.
We will be serving coffee, doughnuts and bagels. So come hang out with da Doctor.

-On Sunday (Conditions permitting, cross yer fingers!) Doc will be hosting a demo day with many of his models for you to try out. From 10 till 1PM come by our Sloat Shop where you will see the RX tent set up and come try out some "sick" Surf Prescriptions! We'll also be bar-b-quing up some of da Doc's famous carne asada tacos, so even if the surf refuses to cooperate we will have a great time with the Doc and crew. Don't miss out.

To learn more about Surf Prescriptions and see the surfboard line,


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Alex and Ion

Ben Andrew on Feb 4th- a very special day at Mavericks!

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