Tiki Oasis 9

From the foggy and frigid beaches of San Francisco, RiverRock (aquasurfshop.com) and Skydar (wavefest.com) are coming to Tiki Oasis 9 to bring on the after party!

That's right, Otto has asked us to take you on an abbreviated adventure thru the annals of surfing - Hell after this presentation your pretty much going to be an experienced surfer!- but don't get too serious, because after all its Saturday Night at Tiki Oasis #9! So right after our short film, we will host the official TO9 After Party! Throw in some sexy Devil-Ettes with DJ Skydar and Phast Phreddie rocking the turntables and this is ONE surf Tiki Oasis party you don’t want to miss!!!! For all the info visit tikioasis.com, but hurry tickets for Tiki Oasis are almost sold out!

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Donavon swimming with sharks.

Ben Andrew on Feb 4th- a very special day at Mavericks!



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