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As we continue to work on our li'l Bigfoot short 'The Lost Coast" I continue to entertain myself by learning more about this hairy mythical man. which brings me to this next entry- a hot-spot of Bigfoot info!
Michael in front of his place.

We all know there has been no surf, so it is time to tour around and find other things to do. So here is one-
Not to be missed- The Bigfoot Discovery Project Museum in Felton Ca.

Tucked well into the inspiring redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains, there is a little gem, a museum all about Bigfoot. Obviously the little cabin/museum on the side of the road is filled with all things “Bigfoot”. Bones of Bigfoot’s ancestors, plaster-casts of large feet, images, books, movies, hair, models fill the display cases and shelves, but it does not take one long to see that the real museum is Michael Rugg, the owner/curator.
I could listen to good Bigfoot stories all day.

If you believe in Bigfoot or not, Michael is extremely entertaining and interesting. He tells the lore of Bigfoot with passion, and recounts various sightings in a capturing yet well-structured way. He knows and can recount every encounter, seen all the evidence, and cross-examines it all with his own research. Visit the Bigfoot Museum in Felton, and be sure to have some Bigfoot questions ready for Michael, it is a really cool way to spend some time in a beautiful environment. Visit his site HERE.

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Ben Andrew on Feb 4th- a very special day at Mavericks!

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