Swoop on down!

Swoop on down for some deals at Aqua's upcoming Surf Swap! I've got the hype machine on early for this event, yes I know it is still a month plus away (Saturday, April 25th), but we just want to give everyone enough warning- so you have the time to rummage thru your basement/attic/garage to find all that used surf equipment you want to sell and trade.
Imagine yourself there!

I know everybody likes the sample sale from our vendors, but it would be good to see more people participating in the used aspect of da swap, I mean you get an organized event to sell and trade your used surf boards, wetsuits, and accessories, at no charge! Just bring a blanket to put your gear upon and sell, Sell, SELL! I always find a classic board that I end up taking home.
Here is da one I got last year at da Swap!

For more information about the swap click here.
This will take you to a little map where to set up etc-

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Da Rock Obama

Ben Andrew on Feb 4th- a very special day at Mavericks!

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