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Hey everyone, I�d like a minute to tell everybody about an upcoming art show at Artist�s Television Access gallery on February 24th from 6 till 10pm. It is titled �Finding Beauty Where Nobody Does� by a man named Plinio de Oliveria. Plinio is one of those rare people that you come upon in life that are GENUINELY HAPPY and one that will pull your head out of the clouds and remind you what you should be focused on every time you run into him. Below is some brief info as to why he has put this show together- enjoy and we�ll see you at the show.

My name is Plinio de Oliveira and I am a 31 years old Brazilian artist and surfer immigrant that came to the USA 12 years ago. My art consist mostly of painting and drawing. Most of my paintings are abstractions of geometric shapes and patterns and my work is inspired on Paul Klee, Volpi (Brazilian painter) and Edward Hopper. I love to experiment with more realistic paintings too and I love to put many hours on my paintings. I love to paint because I feel so good doing it, it is like therapy and I have an uncle that was a professional painter in Brazil, his name was Claudio Barros Barreto. My family is very supportive about me trying to be a professional artist.

The name of my show is "Finding beauty where nobody does" which is about a painting that I did about a soccer team (named Ibis) that is a third division team in Brazil and that all the Brazilian media call it the worst soccer team in the world. I still think that Ibis is a wonderful team. The show is happening on 992 Valencia Street in the Mission district in San Francisco on February 24th from 6 to 10 pm.
I started surfing when I was eighteen years old, on January 1996 on Cowell beach, Santa Cruz after my wonderful dad insisted that I take a one-hour surfing class from Club Ed. On that one lesson I stood up on a soft top long-board like two or three times and I completely fell in love with surfing. Surfing ties with my art because I have an incredibly wonderful time doing both of them. I also sometimes try to do surfing drawings or paintings of surfers doing maneuvers. Some of the surfing paintings that I did are on Aqua Surf Shop of Haight Street. I have studied art at Cabrillo College, College of San Mateo and UC Santa Cruz. I had an uncle that was a professional painter in Brazil and he was also an art teacher in a very famous University in Brazil. My uncle's sister Vera, my grandma took my to a bunch of museums in my childhood to look at art. My dad gave me the suggestion to take a drawing class at Cabrillo College and I did it on February 1999. From them on I was hooked and from then until today I have been taking art classes every semester.
When I graduate I want to teach surfing for Club Ed this summer 2009 and then I want to start teaching drawing and painting to kids at any school that wants to hire me. My pieces on the "Finding beauty where nobody does" show are from summer 2005 until fall 2008. Thank you very much Aleks, your surf shop is the best of the City!!!

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