Arakawa 6' 1" Prophet Sqsh


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Arakawa 6' 1" Prophet Sqsh

Dimensions: 6' 1" x 19.12 x 2.5 30.5L
Construction: PU
Glassing: Standard 4x4x4
Fins: Futures Thruster
Description from Arakawa:

This model is the offspring of the Amplifire that we have been working on with our team riders. While the Amplifire has proven itself to be a solid performer in good wave conditions, I wanted to give the Prophet a little more turning sensitivity, with sustained glide, and flow in average small wave conditions. The most prominent design features are more width just above center, lifted entry rocker, accentuated hip, and a dominant single concave with a very slight double concave to enhance control out of turns. This latest development has made the Prophet the top choice of Jack Robinson and Benji Brand for the all-around performance shortboard.

BOTTOM CONTOUR: Single to double concave
TAIL OPTIONS: Squash, Round pin, Swallow, Thumb