Arakawa Animal


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Arakawa Animal
Arakawa Animal

Arakawa Animal

Construction: PU
Glassing: Standard 4x6x4
Fins: Futures Thruster
Description from Arakawa:

The Animal evolved from the Pocket Rocket in its class of mini boards. I have had many requests from surfers to shape it into a full sized short board and even as a step up. The extremely flat rocker of the Pocket Rocket made the up-scaling problematic, so I made this new model with a modified rocker that frees up the turning radius while still preserving the paddle glide. It still has the same fuller outline and more thickness in the nose, with a single to double concave bottom.
The result is a stable board that catches waves easily and still turns well—all wrapped up in a user-friendly package.

BOTTOM CONTOUR: Single to double concave

Arakawa Animal
Arakawa Animal