Vitaly Volberg

Vitaly Volberg is the newest member of Team Aqua. He is not a good surfer, but is nevertheless completely in love with the ocean. He first became obsessed with surfing in high school, when he was living in Hawaii. Unfortunately, his family has an odd sense of humor and decided that moving to Michigan was best. He then spent 10 years perfecting driving with an iced over windshield in Michigan. While attending University of Michigan, Vitaly began climbing at the small local climbing gym and quickly fell in love with the sport. He moved to Boulder, Colorado to keep training, and eventually found his way to northern California. Here, he relearned about the paddle out, the glassy conditions, the complete exhaustion and melting away of anxieties, the ‘hellos’ from the dolphins, the sun setting into the ocean, the intimidation and fear of the deep unknown. He also became a devoted explorer of the sierras, following the achievements of others in the community, developing new climbing areas in Lake Tahoe, Yosemite and Bishop, CA. 

"I think there are many wonderful overlaps between surfing and climbing – they both are ways to truly engage with the outdoor world and both are incredibly deep, full of small subtleties and infinite complexity. Finally, like many others engrossed in these sports, I love the intensity and focus that comes with paddling out at 10ft OB (big for me) or getting up high without a rope.

Every day, I feel the pressure to take advantage of living in this magical place before the darkness settles in! I am truly honored to be part of Team Aqua!"

Check out some rad videos of Vitaly and friends climbing. 

Granite Gems: Sierra Bouldering from Vanessa Avery on Vimeo.

Vitaly Volberg and Vanessa Avery climb beautiful lines in South Lake Tahoe and Yosemite Valley. Boulder problems include Crown Jewel (V10), The Rapture (V10), Bruce Lee (V8), Drive On (V11), and Shadow Warrior (V12).


Where the Sidewalk Ends, V8 from Vitaly Volberg on Vimeo.