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Vernor Surfboards by Dave Vernor

Stock and custom orders available.

Demos available. If you are looking to test ride a Vernor hybrid or long board, demo one of our rentals - and in a timely manner if you decide to purchase one (again, a Vernor hybrid or longboard) we will deduct the one day rental charge from the price of the board.

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Vernors Story...

I shape because I always knew that this is what I wanted to do. I grew up admiring all the local legends like Haut, Pearson, Goin, French, and Joey Thomas. I started under the guidance of Doug Haut when I was twelve.

I believe in my ability to connect with the foam. I have hand shaped over 10,000 boards. I enjoy planning a board with a customer, translating their vision and needs into an extension of their experience.

My goal for every board that I build is to create high-performance, high-quality equipment for the art of surfing.

Surfing is my job. Surfing is my life.

So, I focus on every detail.

- David Vernor, Shaper

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