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January 14 2010


Happy Holidays

December 24 2009


Happy Thanksgiving-

November 25 2009
May you have a great Holiday with family and some tasty Thanksgiving waves,- Aqua

Give Jeans a Chance-

November 24 2009
Drop off yer ole' jeans at the bin in Aqua Sloat (they need to be in wearable condition) and they...

The lost Drifter email.

November 19 2009
The lost Drifter email- better late than never? We were getting so many calls with questions abo...

Have some spooky Fun!

October 31 2009
Happy Halloween from our pals Ferris, Kelly and li'l Brixton. The Seafarers - Island of Horror...

Modern Collective da new film by Kai Neville

October 13 2009
In this picture Dion Agius and Taylor Steele try to bring aging hippy Riverock up to date in fas...

Riverock and Skydar visit Tiki Oasis.

August 20 2009
Skydar and Riverock, the dirty hippies that they are, did not really seem to fit into the scene a...


August 17 2009



August 11 2009


Donavon swimming with sharks.

July 21 2009
We all know Donavon is a big hippy (much like his buddies Riverock and Skydar) and likes to live ...


June 18 2009
A couple more below wholesale deals! Come and get em. 5.8" Hobie Circa 71 $640, you save $150! 5...

Bring in yer old boardies!

June 4 2009
Volcom has this program going right now where you- Recycle your old boardshorts and you could win...


May 19 2009
Starting now we are having a SELECT SHAPER SALE- get below wholesale cost on select surfboards in...

More Bigfoot

May 13 2009
As we continue to work on our li'l Bigfoot short 'The Lost Coast" I continue to entertain myself ...

Merle the Shop Dog-

May 6 2009
Merle the shop dog is in all our random little movies, he even gets eaten in “Night of the Doggi...

Book Launch Party

May 5 2009
Hey everyone just a shout out (sorry for the late notice) about a great event. Our friend Peter K...

Another Surf Swap-

April 30 2009
has come and gone- thanks to the Hallway Ballers, Kapakahi, The Reducing Agent, and Street Score ...

Kinda went a little crazy-

April 29 2009
Our buddy Ed Son gave Pnut and I his blank for a creative experiment- Neither of us have ever pa...

Swoop on down!

March 12 2009
Swoop on down for some deals at Aqua's upcoming Surf Swap! I've got the hype machine on early for...

Da Rock Obama

March 11 2009
The Rock hosted SNL last Saturday, pretty funny stuff-