Aleks' Garage Sale

Neighbors, I am having BEER and a big 2 part garage sale. I know that sounds confusing so check da schedule and get some rad gear!

Saturday Part 1: I am unloading my tiki collection-

Tiki Collection amassed over 25+ years MUST GO!
After spending decades living and surfing in San Francisco, it's time for me to sell off a very dear collection to me. In order to 'lighten the raft', I'm unloading a massive tiki mug, art, and carving collection. These have been lovingly and carefully displayed over the years - but it's time for other collectors to enjoy their presence. Over 100 different *vintage* tiki mugs are for sale, as well as tiki-related art and carvings by the one and only BOSKO.
Come find that mug that might be missing from your collection!
It is well worth the drive to Ocean Beach in San Francisco. This mini-event will feature rum-based concoctions, hotdogs, beer and some good music. This is a very unique sale that you don't want to miss.

Saturday, January 14
3pm - 7pm
1619 48th Ave (btw Lawton/Moraga)
San Francisco, CA 94122
**BRING CASH** (mugs anywhere from $10-200/ea carvings from $100 to $1000)    

Sunday Part 2: A regular garage sale inside a garage with BEER!
Sunday from 9 till 4pm (I will have da playoff games on) I am selling surfboards, records, more Tiki Mugs, furniture, costumes, clothing, cameras, tools all kinds of stuffs! In da Garage at 1619 48th and Lawton.
I’ll still be in da Sunset for a bit more so don’t fret, I have no idea where I’m really moving yet.
A to da loha- Aleks

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