Feed Me Chula!

Our next Pop Happening is April 21st- featuring Vannessa and her delicious menu focused on fresh ingredients and flavors inspired by Mexican and Basque cuisine.


"I grew up hanging around the kitchen, mostly with my grandmothers, listening to all their wild stories and watching their wild ways. I was fascinated by my Mexican grandmother killing the chickens that we'd be having for supper and enjoying chasing the decapitated dinner around the yard. It's a bit morbid yes but something so beautiful and artistic about it. I am a trained artist and went to art school my entire life, learning mostly painting and printmaking. I enjoy food and its beauty, the methodical practices that come along with cooking, just like painting in a lot of ways being that it's all about the process and creating something with so much passion and care. I try to create something special each time and of course making it all from scratch to ensure I know what I'm eating and what I'm feeding those I share my passion with. Food for me is love, and an extension of my art. It's my way of showing those I care about that I love them."

Thursday April 21st from 6 till 9pm with beer from Magnolia!



  • Kelly

    Yes!! Vannessa’s food is delicious! can’t wait

  • Victoria Gonzalez

    Spread the love girl! We love your cooking good looking!!

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