Aqua Pop Happening with Da Poke Man - March 3rd!

Thursday, March 3rd, Chef Ray aka Da Poke Man, will be taking over the shop from 6 'til 9pm and serving up his broke-da-mouth poke dishes! Beer from Magnolia, and good times!

About Chef Ray -

My culinary passion started when I was a kid that use to watch both my parents cook. I use to take mental notes of how and why did these certain spices make these certain foods taste this good. So I started doing my own experimenting. It dawned on me that it was something that I loved to do and it always relieved any kind of stress I had. I decided to enroll myself in the California Culinary Academy in 2001 to broaden my culinary passion in learning other types of foods throughout this World other than just Filipino cuisines. From 2002 on, I've trained as a Chef in several known establishments such as Dukes Waikiki, Waikiki Beach Marriott, Hilton Hotel, and so on. I left the kitchen for awhile and became an industrial electrician for the money, and realized after many years of hard labor, sweat, and tears that I wasn't happy. Decided to follow my passion and got back in the kitchen and started my own catering and private chef business and am now living a dream. 

One of my favorite foods from Hawaii is traditional Poke and living in the Bay Area, there's no good traditional Hawaiian Poke to be found. So if you're craving that good Poke that's made fresh to order and considered to some just as good or even better than some of the places in Hawaii, then place your orders.

Follow me on Instagram @da_poke_man for weekly delivery schedules and special events. Visit my site at


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